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Jumia Nigeria (#WhenNigeriansAreHungry campaign)


Jumia Nigeria – a website that connects people with the best restaurants within their neighborhood, for them to order food of their choice and have it delivered to them


Jumia Food seeks to create awareness through the use of Instagram Comedians.


Media Panache used top Instagram comedians including Maraji, EmmaohmyGod and Josh2funny to push Jumia Food.
Media Panache developed the story for the Instagram Comedians around 3 core areas. One is ‘Work’, if you are busy at work, best option is Jumia Food. Two is ‘Party’, if you are having a party, use Jumia Food to sort out item 7. Third is Using Jumia Food instead of sending errand boy/girl who’d buy the wrong thing.
We used #WhenNigeriansAreHungry for social media conversations
Maraji’s video garnered 210,026 video views with 1060 comments.
Emma Oh Ma God garnered over 66,767 views with 169 comments.
Josh2funny garnered over 115,851 views with over 308comments.
#WhenNigerians Are Hungry Trended on Twitter and Twitter users joined in the conversations to share their feelings whe they are hungry.
The videos helped the brand recruit new users on the platform and exisiting customers used the app during the campaign to place order.


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