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#MPNSTERDIARY Nigerian Decision-making Process: Bbnaija Vs Nigerian Social Issues

#MPNSTERDIARY Nigerian Decision-making Process: Bbnaija Vs Nigerian Social Issues
October 20, 2017 panache
Olayemi Babarimisa of media panache talking about bbnaija

Our in-house social media administrator, Yemi Babarimisa has some things to say to Nigerians upon the completion of the first edition of Big Brother Naija reality TV show. Read below;

“Until BBNaija officially releases the total number of votes they had during the duration of the show, we would never know but the word out there is that the number of votes cast is in tens of millions, if not more.

The Big Brother house was filled with young Nigerians from different parts of the country but Nigerians all came together to vote for the housemate of their choice based on the originality of what they watched, not based on the housemates’ ethnicity or background (i.e. without being sentimental).


You find Yorubas rooting for Delta housemates, you find Hausas rooting for Yoruba housemates, you find Igbos rooting for Edo housemates and so on. It’s unfortunate that when it comes to issues that matter and issues that affect us as a country such as voting during elections, most of us do not display such unbiased and unsentimental attitude.

Despite the numerous controversies that surrounded the Big Brother Nigeria show, Nigerians still rallied to vote regardless of what anyone said. It would be admirable and a breath of fresh air if we would be as passionate for our country as we were for BBNaija.”

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